You made it. Excellent.

We're jumpcopy. We write web content for businesses. And we work on everything from monster websites to cheeky little microsites.

We also do banner ads, newsletters, emails. And if you're up for it, we do a nice line in viral.

We're as comfortable writing about technology as we are about tourism. And we've lots of experience writing for telecoms, banks and finance, retail and FMCG.

In the past we've sold music downloads to teenagers in the morning and communication systems to the MOD in the afternoon - with just a cup of tea and a sandwich in between.

We understand the web. We know why your customers go there. And we know how to write copy they'll read.

See who we work with

Who we work with

You want to know how we compare to the other copywriters you're looking at. And if we're experienced enough to work with a brand like yours.

Here's a mix of our recent work. Some is for the world's biggest companies. The rest is for businesses on the up.


We're good friends with Vodafone. We helped define their online tone of voice. We've written hundreds of product descriptions, dozens (and dozens) of banner ads and loads of their email campaigns. We've also rewritten their entire website - twice. Visit Vodafone's site


We were asked to rework the online tone of voice for the world's biggest bank. So we did. We also wrote the Wealth section for their international investors. And when they wanted more customers to use internet banking, we helped them with that too. Visit HSBC's site

M&S Money

We wrote M&S Money's new site. And learned lots about ISAs. You should definitely get one. Visit M&S' site

RBS & Natwest

We revamped the commercial credit card sections for RBS and NatWest. And when RBS wanted to give £1.9m to deserving charities, we wrote the copy that helped them do it. Visit RBS's site


SKINS make the world's most advanced (and expensive) sports clothing. We help them sell it. Visit SKINS' site


GCS used to be a small recruitment company. We got them started online. And we've been helping them ever since. They're now quite big. Visit GCS's site

Listening and writing.

It's your project and they're your customers. So we'll listen to what you want. We'll also ask lots of questions - and listen very carefully to the answers.

When we write, we'll use a tone of voice that works for your business. But we'll give the copy enough poke to lift you above your competitors.

We're also quite bendy. So we can work from our office, your office or your clients' office. Whatever works for you, works for us.

Got a project? We'd love to hear about it

Deep breath

I'm Rob MacFie. I run jumpcopy. And I've been writing for money since my early teens.

I started with a sales letter to the British government asking if they had any unclassified military secrets they could send me for a fictitious school project.

I followed this up with a nifty piece of direct mail to the Russian embassy - I was selling government secrets. When the Russians didn't pay up, I sold my story to the Guardian.

I blew my earnings on a new skateboard, stickers and so much chocolate I was actually sick. But I was hooked. I've been writing for cash ever since.

These days I write for businesses - and the government. But I never (ever) sell their secrets.

That's enough about me. I'd like to hear more about you

What next?

If you've got a project you'd like to discuss, we'd love to hear from you.

Want us to visit you? Say when and we'll be there.

Want to visit us? We've got Jammie Dodgers. Let us know when's good for you.

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